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Household Goods Storage & Commercial Storage

Inter Moves provides secure household goods storage or Commercial Storage via its network of own storage warehouses. Inter Moves storage can be provided as part of an international moving or relocation contract, or used as a stand-alone storage service. We will professionally wrap your furniture or pack your personal items into cartons and take your goods to store until your instructions

Secure Storage Facilities

Inter Moves storage facilities are fully secure with CCTV and 24 hour security.  Access is restricted to authorized personnel only. If you need to storage space for your household goods or commercial shipment, call us at (506) 2241-2147 , and choose from our range of storage options. You are also welcome to inspect our facilities during our office open hours between 7:00am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Racking Systems

Crated Storage

Inter Moves can provide crated storage which reduces handling and the potential for damage.


Freight Fordwarding

International Moving

Custom Broker

Local Moving



Office Removals

Forklift Truck Service

Vehicle Transportation

Antiques & Artwork
Special Packaging & Crating


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